Monday, June 4, 2018

7 amazing things google assistant can do.Try on your phone!!

Hey everyone, how's going. Everyone must have used at least one assistant like google assistant, siri, etc. These assistants are very amazing and work as like real person sitting behind the screen. There are many assistants like Cortana, siri, utter etc. but most amazing and useful that I found is google assistant. It is available on  every android phone and you may have used it. You may used it for simple purpose like opening any app, calling someone and calculation etc. But besides this it can do various amazing and useful things that you will surely gonaa like.

Here are some interesting things you can do with google assistant:

1.Travel Details: You can check what's next flight, train or bus timings of your area. It will tell you the next flight or traveling detail of your area. just try and say, "what's next  train or flight to delhi(or area you want to tell)" and it will show you details of next flight and train details to go. This is really amazing and very helpful when you want to go somewhere and don't know the timings and if you are out of station and gone for some unknown place.
2.Convert Language: converting language is really very useful ability of google assistant. you can say whatever you want to convert in English to any language. This is very helpful in foreign places where we don't know native language of that area and it is very useful in conversation between the people of that area. Just simply say that what we say how are you in French or in any language. It will convert any language into any other language very easily.

3.Turn on Flash light: You may have used google assistant for turning on Bluetooth, wi fi and opening any app. but may not have tried to switch on flash light. It is simple but really amazing and when I told this to people many people really don't tried this before. you just have to say, "turn on flash light".

4.Identifying song: Identification of songs is really very impressing thing for me. you just have to play a song that assistant can listen . just say, "identify this song" and play the song. It will recognise the song and tell you about song. Really amazing and hard to believe. but here is one limitation that only popular songs are identified, most of songs are not able to identify by assistant.

5.Unlock phone: This is best feature of assistant. I liked this feature most. You can unlock your phone by your voice. you just have to say , "ok google " or "hey google" and without doing any pattern or pin you can unlock your phone. To do this just change this settings:
  1. On your phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button or say "Ok Google."
  2. At the top right, tap More Settings.
  3. Under "Devices," select your phone or tablet.
  4. Turn on Google Assistant turn on "Ok Google" detection turn on Unlock with Voice match

6.Remembering things: we often have little things that we forgot like key of car, what's special tomorrow and many little but important things. so we can tell this things to assistant by saying, "remember that tomorrow I have to check my emails" or "remember that car key is in the shell " and google will store it and you can ask what you have said to assistant whenever you want like "what did I said you about tomorrow " or "where is key" and it will give you answer. Try it.

7.Take selfie: This feature may or may not work on your device but this is really amazing and cool feature of assistant. it allows you to take selfie just by saying, "take selfie" and it will take you to camera and automatically set 3 seconds timer and click photo. Really easy and cool.

Artificial intelligence has really developed for last few years and still developing with very high rate. google assistant that may be the best assistant have capability to do various other things but these are some amazing things that I found really useful for you. If you liked the article please follow and don't forget to share this article to your friends and family.